Most of what you’ll read below comes from Loren Lockman’s daily talks. Some from my own realisations while going through the fast.

I’ll add to the list as I go along.


  • The human body constantly needs to eliminate waste and we have to give the body that chance. If we don’t, there are consequences.
  • What we eat affects our elimination since everything we don’t need from food is a burden on the system.
  • People can sometimes be holding waste in their body for 10 years without realising. When Elvis died, he had 20kg of waste in his colon alone. When we fast, then the hard black waste comes out.
  • One lady had a record 60 bowel movements in 11 days while fasting – and she was a colon hydro-therapist! (Colonics and enemas cannot reach the full length of the intestines)
  • People mostly eat for emotional reasons – mainly to suppress negative issues in their life. If you listen to your body, you’ll realise most of the time your body doesn’t need food – it wants a break to cleanse.
  • Our bodies aren’t efficient because we’ve been abusing them for so long. So the cleansing process slows and we have more toxicity, which causes ageing.
  • “Eat more, you need the energy” is bunkum. If your body is cleaned out it will run perfectly well without food – until it needs it again. It’s your brain/parents/society that’s telling you this lie. Your body needs to either cleanse or nutrition – and it will tell you which if you know how to listen to it. So stop stuffing things down your throat for pleasure, because your adding garbage into your body faster than the body can clean itself out.
  • Never eat to load up for later – you’ll be overloading the body. Just have what you need at that moment and if your body tells you food is required, that’s when you can have something.
  • Grains are sub-optimal food. So is fibre-rich greens like kale. They are too heavy for digestion when eaten whole and human stomachs cannot process them. They are full of cellulose. We can eat them cooked but the cooking creates toxic compounds and kills nutrients. Soft fruits that are easily digestible are best.
  • How is it every year polar bears go 5 months without eating but at the same time manage to feed their young? Where does the milk come from? They live off fat reserves.
  • Most people have enough reserves to live for 6-8 weeks without eating. (Bigger people can last longer.)
  • True hunger doesn’t come from the stomach. That rumbling feeling and the noises it makes isn’t actually a call for food; it means the stomach is trying to process and clean since you’ve finally given it a chance to. If you are at optimal health and hydrated, feeling of hunger will come from the throat with a tinkling sensation. In most people, this is unlikely to occur before 30-40 days of fasting, once the body has eliminated all toxins and used up its resources.
  • Most people live dehydrated. A few large glasses of water per week is enough if you are hydrated.
  • Drinking too much water (we’re used to being told to drink a glass every morning and more later) flushes out electrolytes and your pee becomes clear. But water is absorbed through the stomach, unlike food which is processed through the intestines. So clear pee means you’re drinking too much water. Sip water throughout the day at about 0.5L per hour. The body can absorb around 1L per hour.
  • Wash your hair without any chemicals. The scalp will balance itself and look great afterwards.
  • Food should not stay in the body longer than 12 hours. The optimal number of bowel movements (Number 2s) is one for every meal you have during the day.
  • Don’t expose yourself to too much sun while fasting. You run the danger of overheating and using up your resources that need to be used for the fasting process. 15mins at a time is enough – particularly near the equator
  • Focus on introspection while fasting. Don’t try to do too many things (I need to work on this part…)
  • Refeeding should be done with water-rich fruits to make it as easy on your stomach as possible.
  • How do you reach ‘ultimate’ health? By listening and feeling into your body instead of thinking and being in your head. Don’t think that you should eat a particular fruit or vegetable because that’s what you’re used to or that’s what’s necessary – instead close your eyes, tune into the body and feel what your body wants and the one fruit that most feels right when you imagine eating it. Your body has incredible intelligence and will tell you what it needs. So listen to it!

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