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How To Know Your True Self

If you think you know yourself, you are wrong.

You are simply the result of deeply ingrained programming that developed during infancy and childhood. That is what makes up who you are now. Recognise that. Be with it. Be aware and understand it for what it is – neither good nor bad.

Despite that, forgive your parents for everything because they did the best they could, even if they weren’t always right. They are just the result of programming from their own parents.

So let go of any of the grudges or emotions you hold.

And then, most importantly, take responsibility for everything that’s happened to you, even if you think it was out of your control and you didn’t have the power to be taught what you were taught in infancy. On a spiritual level, you were in fact dealt what you deserved (this is a hard one to grasp for most people).

Question your relationship with yourself and the universe and at what level you are when it comes to morality and unconditional love as you deal with others in he world. That is what matters.

Here’s a poem I like to illustrate this.

This Be The Verse by Philip Larkin   The Poetry Foundation



Day 11 – 40 Day Water Fast in Costa Rica

40 Day Water Fast Journal – Day 6-11

Heart Rate: 52 bpm
Heart Pressure: 104/66
Energy level: 2/10
Water consumed: 3 litres
Blood sugar: –
Body Temp.: –
Hunger level (perceived in the stomach): 1 out of 10

For a full daily breakdown of my data and progress, here’s a table.

I’m also listing everything I learn during the fast – whether it’s physical, spiritual or anything else – on this page.


  • Still weak. Heart pressure and energy levels are stable. Though we don’t know if that’s because I’m living in a healthy body, or because I’m wasting too much energy on working and my body isn’t using that to detox.


Face pic

day 12 water fasting








Tongue coating (indication of detox)


















(still more cleaning to go obviously…)

Body pic